Our Teachers

"It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge," Albert Einstein


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William Bowman

Government & US History

Mr. Bowman has 17 years of teaching experience and a law degree (Doctorate of Jurisprudence.)


Steve Burgon

Tutor/Odysseyware Teacher, Special Services



Tiffany Carpenter

Fine Arts

Ms. Carpenter has been an art teacher for 15 years, teaching grades k-college. She graduated Southwest Texas State with a BFA in studio Art, Master Education in Curriculum & Instruction and Specializes in painting. 

She not only has a passion for art but also for horses, dogs, and restoring old trucks.


Shannon Creager

Math Department Head / Mathematics

Mathematics opens so many doors for us - science, law, art, architecture, economics, business, environmental sciences. The list is endless. One of my biggest joys is sharing all of this with my students!

Brandy Dumalet

Yoga/Home Economics, Health & PE

Born in: Florida; growed up in San Marcos TXInteresting Fact: I laugh like a dolphinAttended: Southwest Texas State UniversityRole at KAPS: Yoga and Home Ec teachers as well as Tutor Coordinator for After schoolReason for being at KAPS: Vicariously re-living my high school years in a school that I actually "fit" into. As well as to mentor our youth and make real, live connections.


Josie Duvall

Chemistry/Biology, Science

As a teacher and Department head of science at the Katherine Anne Porter School it is a privilege to work with the many inspirational and extraordinary team members that have created this successful school environment. I have worked here for fourteen years as the Biology and Chemistry teacher and I am amazed with the progress our school has accomplished in this small rural community.

Having been born and raised in this area has given me an appreciation for the great outdoors of Texas and my love for science motivated me to get a degree for teaching the secondary level of education. I received my Bachelors of Science degree from Texas State University with a major in Biology and a minor in Chemistry in 2001. In addition to teaching I have been involved in working with the Bastrop Houston toad (endangered species) as well as monitoring turtle populations in many rivers in Texas.

Teachers have many hats they must wear and I have also been very active in the Leos Club, student council, volleyball team, and of course all the extra activities that go with the social environment of high school. My love of learning has never diminished and the passion that I teach with is always present in the classroom in the hopes that it will inspire students to become all that they can.

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Dr. John Eastlake

English IV, English IV AP, English

Dr John Eastlake earned his doctorate in Irish Studies from the National University of Ireland, Galway in 2008. His research focuses on the collaborative study of Native American, particularly Lakota, and Irish-language autobiographies of the modern period. He has been teaching at Katherine Anne Porter School since 2013, following two post-doctoral fellowships at University College Cork, Ireland. Dr Eastlake teaches a broad range of subjects at KAPS, including: AP English Literature and Composition, AP U.S. History, U.S. History Honors, English IV, Tolkien and the Utopian Impulse, Chinese Martial Arts, and Irish Studies (Humanities).


Patrick Lisk

Physics, Astronomy / Mathematics

I graduated from Texas State University with a bachelor's of science in Physics. I was a lab instructor for 3 years there while running the Texas State Observatory and researching variable stars. I am starting my 3rd year at KAPS as the Algebra 1, Physics, Astronomy and Algebra 2 teacher. I am very passionate about learning and being a better person than the day before. I believe investigations in science and mathematics are the ways we answer our biggest questions as human beings and how we make progress from one generation to the next. My goal for our students is that they achieve the tools and mindset to investigate things for themselves and to form an accurate model of the universe around them. To help, I bring my dog Newton to school. He is a great teacher's assistant. I love my Dallas Cowboys and all sports and music. I play many instruments, but drums are my absolute favorite. My plans for the future are to continue to educate and continue to learn, eventually getting my doctorate in Astrophysics to investigate the chemical compositions on extrasolar planets.


Jay Myers

Archery, Health & PE, Guitar/Percussion/Music Tech, Fine Arts

I hold both a Bachelor of Music and Master of Music degrees, with a focus on classical guitar performance, from Texas State University - San Marcos. Certifications include early childhood through twelfth grade music instructor through the state of Texas, basic archery instructor through the National Archery in the Schools Program, and level 1 instructor from USA Archery. Additionally, I have received special training to teach the classical guitar curriculum developed by the Austin Classical Guitar Society and advanced placement music theory through the College Board’s AP Institute. In June, 2015, I was appointed to serve as a Reader at the College Board’s 2015 AP Music Theory Reading.

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Vladimir Prahcharov


Professor Vlad has experience teaching theater, theater history, beginner and intermediate acting, directing perspectives and much more at the University of Toledo, the University of the Incarnate Word, the Barat College and the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He has directed productions such as The Dragon, O Best Beloved, Dido and Aeneas, Just So Stories, Big Train and many more. Winning multiple awards for his work, KAPS is grateful to have someone with so much talent and experience here to teach our dragons and help them find their passion for theater.

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David Schaefer

English I, III, English

Originally from Wisconsin, Mr. Schaefer came to Texas to complete his Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing at the University of Texas, and has been living in Austin ever since. Appropriately, he loves to read and write, and looks forward to doing so here in Wimberley with the fine students at KAPS. Outside of teaching, he loves to be out in nature with his dog, Juliet, playing and listening to music, and seeing the local sights. He's thrilled to become a member of this community and looks forward to getting better acquainted with the students, faculty, and staff here at the Katherine Anne Porter School.


Hannah Sher

History/Economics/Interpersonal Studies, Social Studies

This is my second year at KAPS, and I have loved teaching Interpersonal Studies, World History, and Economics. I was born and raised in Chicago IL, and went to school at Washington University in St. Louis I am an avid traveler. I love to travel because it incorporates seeing new sights, meeting new people, trying new food, and most importantly - history! I work to teach my students that history is much more than just facts and dates - it is a narrative, an interweaving of diverse stories that logically brought us to where we are today.

Teresa Smetzer

Walk & Read, Health & PE, Animal Science/Agriculture, Science, World Geography & Social Studies / Mathematics

Ms. Smetzer received her Bachelors of Science degree in Recreation Administration, specializing in Therapeutic Recreation, from Southwest Texas State University. She is certified in Early Education, Special Education, and Composite Social Studies. Throughout her 14 years working in a school setting, she has assisted in existing agriculture programs, brought new agriculture programs to schools, and has started school gardens. She is a member of the World Affairs Council of America, Texas Association of Geography Educators, and a LEOS sponsor to the Wimberley Lions Club. She volunteers much of her free time at Montesino Ranch where she aids in sustainable farming. She has taught at KAPS for eight years and loves every second of it.



ACE 21st CCLC After school Program Director & Gardening Teacher

Ms. Wilfong is a dedicated educator, environmentalist and community advocate. She currently teaches advanced soil and plant science and is the ACE 21 st Century Community Center administrator at the Katherine Anne Porter School. She is passionate about environmental issues. Six years ago she became a Certified Texas Master Naturalist and has served the Wimberley Village Library as the project director for the naturalist program for two years. Ms. Wilfong regularly involves her science class in the project at the library. She encourages her students to have a love for the environment as well as a commitment to serve others through their efforts. Another one of her environmental commitments is to the restoration of the trees along the Blanco River where she and her students regularly join other organizations to restore the ecology of the damaged river banks. She also serves the Wimberley Community through her commitment to the Lions Club. She currently is the Dispatcher at Wimberley Market Days and serves her students and families by her continued dedication to being a member of both the Foreign Exchange Committee and the Scholarship Committee.