Our  Superintendent


Coni Wilson has 23 years of experience as an educator and administrator in public and charter schools. She is a licensed school administrator/superintendent, principal, and secondary teacher.  She was the founding administrator of Vista Charter School in the Montrose County School District in Montrose, CO, where she served as superintendent and principal for seven years.  At Vista, she secured more than $900,000 in charter school grants, with an additional $4 million new school building grant, accumulating $1.5 million in reserve for the school building. Ms. Wilson was hired as the KAPS Superintendent in the spring of 2016 and is excited to help KAPS grow into its next season of educating young people in a creative, alternative environment.

Check out Ms. Wilson's video HERE to learn more about why she loves the Katherine Anne Porter School!



A Letter from the Superintendent

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We are looking forward to a great 2018-19 school year with our staff, students, parents and community. Many of our staff have been working throughout the summer to assure our students’ return will be an exceptional one.

We know a strong partnership with our parents, students and community has a positive impact in your student’s education and overall experience at KAPS.  As partners, we share the responsibility for our students’ success. We want you to know we will do our absolute best to carry out this duty.

Our core values at KAPS teach students the knowledge, skills principles and behaviors needed to become productive members of an ever-changing society through specific cornerstones:  Rigor, Relationships, Relevance, Resilience and Readiness for ROAD AHEAD.

This year we would like to put an emphasis on the ROAD AHEAD with these cornerstones. After-all, our purpose is to prepare our students for the future, their ROAD AHEAD.


  • Promotes the development and use of high quality, research-based ‘best practices’ for effective instruction in the classroom

  • Utilizes data and ongoing evaluation, with revision, to develop curriculum, improve instructional practices, implement interventions, and design professional learning communities.

  • Establishes high academic standards and measures student attainment to those standards by using local, state and, potentially, national assessments.


  • Engages family and community partners in the educational process.

  • Involves students and families in setting academic goals and celebrating accomplishments.

  • Enhances intellectual and emotional connections among adults and students.

  • Encourages and fosters positive and effective communication and working relationships with students, families and the community.

  • Provides a safe, respectful, responsive and inclusive learning environment that promotes physical, emotional, social and mental wellness.

  • Encourages responsible and collaborative leadership in the community and greater society.


  • Creates a learning environment that models and reflects understanding and appreciation of diverse cultures and ideas.

  • Provides opportunities and resources to promote student success in a 21st century society.

  • Provides a myriad of enrichment programs and extracurricular activities designed to develop students’ talents, creativity, and self-esteem.

  • Enhances learning opportunities through interdisciplinary collaboration and technological opportunities.

  • Creates instructional opportunities that are relevant and relate to ‘real world’ experiences.

  • Strives to meet individual needs of our students by promoting greater personalization in our school.

  • Monitors and ensures personal growth through assessment, decision-making, and goal-setting.

  • Prepares students for successful entry into the ever-changing life of career, college and community.


  • Provide students with the support and guidance needed to recover from academic, social or emotional roadblocks in their road ahead.

  • Provide students with the ability to withstand pressure, whether it be social, emotional or academic and come out stronger.

Readiness for the ROAD AHEAD

  • Help students achieve both the mindset of being able to become productive members of our ever-changing society and the abilities.

  • Ensure students know of the resources open to them everywhere they go, no matter the college or career path they choose.

Salary and PTO of the Superintendent

  • Salary 77,250

  • Start Date August 1,2018

  • Full Time Position with 220 working days per school year

  • Personal Leave: 5 Days (state) which can accrue +5 days (local) which do not accrue.