Our  Superintendent


Coni Wilson has 23 years of experience as an educator and administrator in public and charter schools. She is a licensed school administrator/superintendent, principal, and secondary teacher.  She was the founding administrator of Vista Charter School in the Montrose County School District in Montrose, CO, where she served as superintendent and principal for seven years.  At Vista, she secured more than $900,000 in charter school grants, with an additional $4 million new school building grant, accumulating $1.5 million in reserve for the school building. Ms. Wilson was hired as the KAPS Superintendent in the spring of 2016 and is excited to help KAPS grow into its next season of educating young people in a creative, alternative environment.

Check out Ms. Wilson's video HERE to learn more about why she loves the Katherine Anne Porter School!



I served as the superintendent and principal of Vista Charter School, in Montrose, Colorado, until moving back to Texas for my husband’s health. Prior to that move, the school developed successfully in academics, enrollment, personnel, technology, data decision-making, and in the goal to secure a multi-million dollar building grant to purchase land and build a new facility for the students. The school’s six year evaluation demonstrated growth in enrollment and financial stability, and demonstrated improvement in student attendance, student graduation, college application of graduates, as well as test scores, while decreasing dropout rates. 

As program coordinator of the 21st Century After School program, prior to Vista Charter School, I developed and implemented a district-wide before and after school, as well as, summer program for student in grades 1-9. Coordinating a collaborative effort of over 25 community partners, the program served over 1500 students in its first full year of operation. Accounting for a budget of over $500,000 per year, with four fully employed campus-based sites in operation, our NWEA testing showed academic improvement in over 87% of the students attending the programs 30 days or more. Over 98% of the parents reported satisfaction with the program and they reported that the program benefited their students.

In Montrose I enjoyed my membership in the Montrose Rotary Club and was involved in various community service projects. I also served on the Board of the Center for Mental Health, which served 5,200 clients over five counties across Southwest Colorado.

My first five years in Texas education, I served as a classroom teacher, gifted student coordinator, OAP Director and taught a variety of subjects, ultimately becoming the principal of the school for the following six  years. While serving as a principal, I wrote and collaborated to secure three technology grants and implemented the technology program for the district. Under my leadership, the district received approximately $200,000 in grant monies for hardware, software, infrastructure and training for students and educators. The technology program was completed that networked the district and provided direct Internet connectivity for every classroom, as well as, two computer labs. During those six years, veteran teachers and mentor-trained teachers collaborated effectively together to raise test scores of the students over 35% overall, with 33% in math and a 27% improvement in writing scores. The gifted education curriculum, as well as, computer technology training was integrated school-wide to the classroom application.

Prior to the education field, I worked in a hospital district evaluating departments for quality assurance.