Our Motto

Great art, great thought.

Our Identity

We are a creative community celebrating diversity and freedom in learning.

Our Mission

We educate and empower our students with knowledge, skills, and practices to be successful and compassionate in school and life.

Our Vision

We envision highly developed and valued individuals who are engaged and successful at reaching their full potential.

Our Values and Commitments

We value the voice of every member of our community and expect everyone to embrace and employ these values and commitments.

  • Academic Achievement   We put learning first, with the belief that knowledge and understanding lead to positive action and empowerment, positioning individuals for success.

  • Freedom   We offer diverse opportunities for people to bring all of who they are to our community so that creativity thrives.

  • Participation & Collaboration  We work together to have focused participation and collaboration toward the positive development of our community.

  • Respect   We practice respect for oneself, others, and our world.

  • Great Art & Thought   We are committed to fostering appreciation, participation and creation of great art and thought.

  • Community Involvement & Service   We shape our community just as our community shapes us through engagement and service based projects.

  • Environmental Stewardship   We teach and practice conservation and protection of our natural resources and wildlife.

Our 2017-2020 Strategic Plan

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