Course Offerings

The Katherine Anne Porter School offers the following courses. We keep our class sizes small so that each individual student has opportunities to build relationships with their teachers and succeed. Each year, our courses adjust slightly based on what our students need. We are student-centered and create our master schedule around our student's individual graduation plans. We also offer a wide variety of online courses through Odysseyware. In addition, we partner with Austin Community College, Wimberley High School and Howard Payne University to offer dual-credit opportunities to our students. 


Social Studies

  • US History

  • US History AP

  • World Geography

  • World Geography Honors

  • Economics

  • Government

  • World History


  • Biology

  • Biology Honors

  • Chemistry

  • Chemistry Honors

  • Integrated Physics and Chemistry (IPC)

  • Physics

  • Honors Physics

  • Astronomy

  • Advanced Plant and Soil Science

  • Environmental Systems

  • Principles of Agriculture

Fine Arts/Technical Arts

  • Yearbook 1

  • Yearbook 2

  • Photography

  • Graphic Design I and 2

  • Pre AP Art

  • Art I

  • Art 2 Draw

  • Art 2 Sculpture

  • Art 3 Paint

  • Mural

  • Music Appreciation

  • Music Tech/Production

  • AP Music Theory

  • Guitar I, 2 and 3

  • Theatre I, 2

  • Theatre Tech


Vertical Alignment Course Descriptions

  • Remedial Math

  • Algebra 1 and 2

  • Algebra 2 Honors

  • Geometry

  • Geometry Honors

  • Statistics

  • Math Models

  • PreCalculus

English/Creative Writing

Course Descriptions


  • English 1-4

  • AP English 4

  • Honors English 1-4

  • Creative Writing



  • Home Economics

  • PALS 1

  • PALS 2

  • Anthropology

  • Outdoor Education

  • Dramatic Literature

  • Psychology

  • Wildlife & Fisheries

  • Tolkien Studies

  • American Studies

  • Language & Culture

  • Forensics

  • Principles of Agriculture

  • Odysseyware Courses


Physical Education

  • Yoga

  • Basketball

  • Volleyball


  • Spanish 1

  • Spanish 2

Online Learning Opportunities

KAPS offers self-paced, online learning through Odysseyware. We are committed to supporting students through individualized learning by offering an extensive online curriculum. Our online courses can be used for credit recovery, accelerated learning and can be customized to serve ALL students. 

Saturday School

Saturday School is hosted periodically throughout the year to help students recover credits and attendance hours. One 4-hour session gains 8 period-hours of attendance credit to be applied across one school day.
Attendance Credit will only be applied to EXCUSED absences. Students are required to provide all applicable educational materials and work diligently on academic assignments throughout the entire session. The Saturday School Proctor has final say on students earning Attendance Credit based upon their work ethic, behavior, and attitude during the session.    

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